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"You have a lot
of talent as a multi-instrumentalist and producer.
Your writing is fresh and passionate."
- SongU.com

Secrets of the Music Industry - Rare Hidden Secret...
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Tim with Bass Guitar - Just Give Me Some Time pic
I Like It!

Just Released!
Buy Debut CD
"Just Give Me Some Time"

"Tim, you rule the earth." - Ty Tabor
(King's X, Platypus, Jelly Jam, Jughead) - CD mastered by
Ty Tabor of King's X
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"You should be well on your way to success soon. Keep on crankin' out the hits!"
- Zip, MakeAStar.com

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"I think that you are so ahead of the pack... "Most Likely To Become A Rock Star" ...here you are – fulfilling your destiny! Rock on Tim!"
- Buddy, MakeAStar.com

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Lenny Kravitz
achieves sonic freedom writing / arranging / performing all instruments. So does
Tim Mainka
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, plus...

News Flash
- Tim rivets
Top 16 again
4th time at MakeAStar,
this time with
"It's All About Love".
  Worldwide Song Contest

World Renown Bassist, Solo artist Billy Sheehan says to Tim Mainka:

"I enjoyed your playing very much...
I'm sure your talents will take you far."
- Billy Sheehan
( Mr. Big , David Lee Roth , Niacin , Steve Vai , Talas, Explorer's Club w/ Trent Gardner, Terry Bozzio, Dream Theater's John Petrucci - James Labrie - Derek Sherinian, Yes's Steve Howe | Greg Howe, Tony McAlpine , Cozy Powell , Glenn Hughes , Greg Bissonette and many more sonic adventures! )

"You have a unique sound...
there is a lot of invention...
the vocals adds a further musical dimension...you have real spirit in your voice...
the overall effect is solid."
- Curtis Lowell, MakeAStar.com

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2005 Secret Summer CD Release

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"Just Give Me Some Time"
CD coming soon...

It's All About Love
sonic heart beat
(Lyrics - "It's All About Love")

lo-fi Real Audio, (below) works for you although less quality -
"Shortwave radio" quality
( 32kbps)
Full MakeAStar.com
Do You Miss Me

(128kbps "Tape-High Bias" quality)
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Dial up Do You Miss Me
(Full Version)
"Shortwave radio" quality ( 32kbps)
Rare track not exactly like CD version

Short "Love N Freedom" Mix

(128kbps "Tape-High Bias" quality)
* Full versions inside
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Dial up "Love N Freedom" Mix
(Short Version)
"Shortwave radio" quality
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Short "Intense Joy" Mix

(128kbps "Tape-High Bias" quality)
* Full versions inside

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Dial up "Intense Joy" Mix
(Short Version)
(128kbps "Tape-High Bias" quality) 
* Full version inside
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"Yeah man! Even though it's a bit indulgent instrumentally, thanks for being the most refreshing sound this writer has heard on Makeastar.com for quite some time! Rich, flowing, creative and energetic, this track cut's through several musical genre barriers and comes out the other side in it's own bag.

Thanks again for reinventing the vibe...your group should have no problem garnering the attention it deserves for long enough to sustain several offers to record for, publish, license, and release many of your works into the world markets.
Sale (Sail) on!...

You should be well on your way to success soon. Keep on crankin' out the hits!" - Zip, MakeAStar.com

"A 10 in every respect.
Lyrics and melody flow together... creating a "mental video" for the listener... easy for any listener to relate to...
this writer's got the goods.
- The BOSA's

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This is rare secret text, . secrets inside...Lenny Kravitz writes, performs, records all instruments. Same here.
Guitar lessons in Greater Waukesha WI Michigan and Holland, MI Michigan area
Plus Bass lessons and Drum lessons.

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Free mp3s Sonic Youth fans? Free mp3s Sonic Flood fans? Using sonicX to hear free music news? Here's a sonic foundry of unprecedented unparalleled passion. guitar lessons Waukesha WI Milwaukee WIchigan bass lessons Waukesha WIchigan drum lessons Milwaukee WI music lessons instruction. Lenny Kravitz does it all - writing, performing, recording So does Tim Mainka at www.sonicfreedom.com ( Guitar lessons, Bass lessons, Drum lessons in the Greater Grand Rapids and Milwaukee WIchigan area )











Learn Guitar lessons Waukesha WI and Milwaukee WI  Learn quickly with authentic professional teaching, professional instructor. Study Bass lessons Waukesha WI and Milwaukee WI   Uncover inside tips, sonic secrets, master basics and dig into advanced discoveries. Take Drum lessons Waukesha WI and Milwaukee WI Unleash various styles and unlock the music inside you. Have fun! Take music lessons or music instruction with your sonic expert teacher in Michigan Yes study guitar instruction, bass instruction, drum instruction in Greater Milwaukee WIsconsin or Waukesha, Wisconsin area.