Tim Mainka

"If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world,
it will come through the expression of your own personality,
that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes
you different from every other living creature." - Bruce Barton

Once in a Life...

Tim is here on this planet to uplift lives
through sharing powerful positive music!

Original Artist Pioneer of Posirock!

Love created...born then almost killed but "Destiny Saved"
- still alive creating amazing music...spreading sonic freedom...

Tim in White Renaissance Light

Tim Mainka was born to create music.
Nearly dying at age two, he was saved from a tragic accident.
Part of Destiny Saved is here and now,
sharing such gifted talents for humanity.

Lenny Kravitz achieves sonic freedom
writing / arranging / recording all instruments and lyrics.
So does
Tim Mainka - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, plus...

Few artists in history have achieved
sonic freedom.

Only one artist in history has become
Sonic Freedom™

Tim Mainka is Sonic Freedom™.

"You should be well on your way to success soon.
Keep on crankin' out the hits!"
- Zip, MakeAStar.com

Tim Mainka was born to create music.
With natural gifted talents, Tim Mainka as
Sonic Freedom™, dazzles forth passionate positive rock,
creating memorable music that strike chords in the heart.
He strives to keep a positive outlook despite life's hardships.
Music can potentially bring us down.
Tim desires to enhance and uplift.
As two lines of his lyric express part his musical drive:
"I just want some good sound
No noise, no headaches, no words to bring me down".

The passion of Sonic Freedom™ music reflects
Tim's gratitude for life, as he was saved,
miraculously from dying at age two in a tragic accident.
Tim's destiny saved to uplift lives through amazingly
powerful positive music is here and now!

Sonic Freedom™ was in a secret pre-release phase
before unleashing the debut CD, "Just Give Me Some Time" and the amazing underground indie non corporate SonicFreedom.com exclusive, "For The Hell Of It"; From there puzzle pieces come together for the Sonic Freedom™ big picture.

Tim's creating the next frontier of sonic sensations to be unleashed...
The new album coming as soon as possible...

Tim Mainka grew up in Les Paul's hometown, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.
With the excitement of musically active brothers, by age ten, he
enthusiastically explored drums, bass, guitar, and songwriting
naturally by himself with great confidence, fulfilling deep purpose
in an incredible musical destiny.

"I think that you are so ahead of the pack." - Buddy, MakeAStar.com

Fast Facts:

~~~ • Music Degree, cum laude (with honors)

• outstanding experience in rock bands,
tribute bands, jazz combos, jazz big bands,
and wind symphonies.

• explored upright bass, classical guitar

• Tim Mainka unleashes sonic freedom
while writing, arranging, and performing
all music, instruments, vocals and lyrics. ~~~

Tim's shares his musical gifts in teaching.
With his unlimited creativity and immense
innovation, Tim knew he could not limit himself
teaching music in the public school system.
As a free bird, Tim knew he needed freedom
to fly dreams high above. After giving of himself
for years in private instruction, and building up
the enormous energy to explode unstoppable
passion, suddenly now is the time to unleash
sonic freedom... Sonic Freedom™
§¤¤° www.SonicFreedom.com °¤¤§

World renown bassist Billy Sheehan,
Jim Roberts and Bass Player Magazine
recognized Tim Mainka in a worldwide scholarship contest
for the Bass Institute of Technology (BIT). Jim Roberts,
the ex-editor of Bass Player Magazine, stated
"Congratulations...the competition was tough."
Billy Sheehan had this to say:
"I enjoyed your playing very much...
I'm sure your talents will take you far."

The eagerly anticipated Sonic Freedom™
debut CD, "Just Give Me Some Time" and
is intended to create Powerful Positive Passionate Posirock - with capital P's.
Will you be first to feel the sensational shock waves resonating
in this unparalleled destiny...

"Most Likely To Become A Rock Star"
...here you are – fulfilling your destiny! Rock on Tim!"
- Buddy, MakeAStar.com

"Now's the time...
reach for the light beyond the stars...
and touch many hearts with love
and passionate sound waves"
- Tim Mainka

Sonic Freedom™

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"I enjoyed your playing very much...
I'm sure your talents will take you far."

- Billy Sheehan -
( Mr. Big , David Lee Roth , Niacin , Steve Vai , Talas, Explorer's Club w/ Trent Gardner, Terry Bozzio, Dream Theater's John Petrucci - James Labrie - Derek Sherinian, Yes's Steve Howe | Greg Howe, Tony McAlpine , Cozy Powell , Glenn Hughes , Greg Bissonette and sonic freedom of many more adventures! )

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