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Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka


Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter gifted teacher of music
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A Gifted Musical Wonder!
Rock / Pop / Experimental / Christian / Posirock / Jazz / Jam
Acoustic Fresh Freestyle Avant Garde
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Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter
gifted music teacher

Rock Star"

... Rock on Tim!"

- Buddy,

"You Lifted Me Up Right Out of the Trenches of Despair"

"I was looking for inspirational music
with a kick @ss sound-man,
you rock!
You've got it all. I was at a low point in my life and you lifted me up right out of the trenches of despair." 

- Kyle W.

Billy Sheehan says?

"I enjoyed your playing very much...
I'm sure your talents will take you far. "

- Billy Sheehan

( Mr. Big , David Lee Roth, Niacin , Steve Vai , Talas, and many more sonic adventures! )

Sonic Freedom®™ community now consists of people from 40 News Welcome Spain: 41 countries
USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Russia, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Croatia/Hrvatska, Brazil, Israel, France, the island of Montserrat in West Indies, Bermuda, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, Singapore, Portugal, Taiwan, Yugoslavia, Malaysia, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, New Zealand, Argentina, Romania, Kuwait,
Turkey, Costa Rica, Egypt, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Philippines, Indonesia, Slovakia & Cameroon.

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"Thanks again for
the vibe..."

Rich, flowing, creative and energetic,
this track cuts through several
musical genre barriers and comes out the
other side in its own bag.

...should have no problem garnering the attention
it deserves for long enough to sustain several offers to record for, publish, license, and release many of your works into the world markets. Sale (Sail) on!...

You should be well on your way to success soon. Keep on crankin' out the hits!

- Zip,

" You have a unique sound...
there is a lot of invention... the vocals adds a further musical dimension...
you have real spirit in your voice...
the overall effect is solid.

- Curtis Lowell,


Y ou Are Seconds Away From Feeling Musically Uplifted, Inspired, or Sonatized* Guaranteed ! Enjoy Rare
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"Some of the BEST MUSIC I Have heard in a LONG Time,
and this Music is so re-freshing and it Rocks BADD @SS..."
- Fred Evans, McHenry, IL

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(c) (P) Tim Mainka - Sonic Freedom™ -- Notice: All Rights Reserved. ;)

Live lo-fi mono recording here right now!
~ unashamed raw real human stuff here!! ~

Guitar and Vocs: Tim Mainka
Bass: Gary Farris
Drums: Michael "27 Club" Fegel
(RIP... Dear Rock Star Friend)

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" 60's falvoured Power Pop...
a odd mix of prog rock, seventies rock, fusion shredder/metal &
jam band

- Soutnernx,

(more avant garde)

SizzleFizzle Hot pre-release Mp3
Baby I Don't Care


SizzleFizzle Top 3 Finalist pre-release Mp3
For the Hell of It


MakeAStar TOP 16 single.
Just Give Me Some Time


MakeAStar TOP 16 single.
It's All About Love


MakeAStar TOP 16 single.
Do You Miss Me


MakeAStar TOP 16 single.
Ecstasy (Together Let's Love)


Destiny Saved
- (Ty Tabor like guitar solo?)


Fly Your Spirit High
- (fast shredding guitar solo?)


The Light - featuring special guest artist,
Laura Hollingsworth


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Tim Mainka, Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Gary Farris, Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Michael Fegel, Drums


What if YOU LOVE Tim Mainka!


All music, instruments, vocals, lyrics, written, performed and
produced by Tim Mainka.

"You Have Created Your Own Style
Of Delivering..."

Do you like making comparisons?

Dave Matthews, Lenny Kravitz, Yes, Rush, Jethro Tull, Clay Aiken,
Bryan Adams, Slaughter, King's X, Ty Tabor, Dokken, Mr. Big, Motley Crue,
Guns 'N Roses, Extreme, Ratt, Ted Nugent, Michelle Branch, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, the Doors, the Who, the Guess Who, Linda Perry (Four Non Blondes), Aerosmith, Raspberries, Blue Murder, Blue Oyster Cult, Bluetree, Casting Crowns, ZZ Top, Chicago, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Bruce Springsteen, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, Reo Speedwagon, Bob Seager, James Brown, MercyMe, Bach, Yanni, Crosby Stills and Nash, the Ataris, Wasp, AC/DC, TNT, Metallica, Boston, Foreigner, Eagles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, James Brown, Ben Folds Five, Alex Lifeson, No Doubt (Gwen Stefani), Aerosmith, U2, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Kid Rock, Coheed and Cambria, Triumph, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, and you name it...

Tim may have been compared to or influenced by some of these bands BUT

Does Tim Mainka's Sonic Freedom
Really Sound Like These Bands Or Artists?

You can decide for yourself.

"I can already see you on Jay Leno's show!"

"I have every bit of confidence that you're gonna "make it" some day--God's timing, not ours. You've got the whole package....guitar talent, voice, great songs, personality, charisma, and seem to be very highly motivated and driven. Hard-to-beat package my friend; I can already see you on Jay Leno's show!" - Dan Martin


"I cant wait to hear the rest of your music."

"With your music talent you will go very far. I know you will get there...very excited for you. I cant wait to hear the rest of your music. It sounds great! I know your dream will come true, I can see and feel it already, you touching a lot of peoples hearts." - Kallie K, South Africa


"The power of your music, I find so memorable."

"I am deeply moved when I hear your music-- the immense passion, the lyrical beauty and
the power of your music, I find so memorable. You have the divine spark, the indescribable quality we sometimes call 'star quality.' I can foresee a day when the treasure that is your music is no longer a secret. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 'The future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty of their dreams.' " - Patricia Elaine Perry


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Just Give Me Some Time CD cover

Cover Art from Tim Mainka's
debut Sonic Freedom™ CD mastered by

Ty Tabor of King's X

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"Some of the BEST MUSIC I Have heard in a LONG Time,

and I am a Former Roadie for a Band Called Stillwater(Almost Famous) From
Warner Robbins, Ga and we Opened for Skynyard, Allman Bros, Marshall Tucker,
The Outlaws(From Tampa, FLa), and all the Old Southern Style Rock Groups of the 70's,

and this Music is so re-freshing and it Rocks BADD @SS---
Keep on Keepin On"

- Fred Evans, McHenry, IL




"Working in the music industry has never shown me the type of healthy positive and honest way that Tim and Sonic Freedom work! This is something that everyone needs
to know about...
Tim You Rock!
I'm Sonatized!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you Sonatized?????????
Is your life sluggish and a bore? You need a change! You need Sonic Freedom.
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Alert! New EP#5 Unleashed!

I'm Just Following My Heart Songwriting Award Song of The Year Song Of The Year I Like It Songwriting Award EP#4 I Like It |
Before This Life Ends Songwriting Award Song of The Year Sonic Freedom Once In a Life EP#3 Song Of The Year SongwritingAward   EP#3 Once In a Life

Release This Pain Songwriting Award EP#2 For The Hell Of It

Alert! For The Hell Of It, attained Rock Finalist (Top 5) at
from Judges Lenny Kravitz, Dave Grohl ( Nirvana / Foo Fighters), U2's The Edge,
Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, plus music industry pros otherwise.



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Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka
Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka Sonic Freedom Logo Tim Mainka