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"Destiny Saved" is more than a song.
No it's not a typical lyric or song, but more of
a triumphant declaration of greater things...
Yes even "my destiny saved from dying dead."
If you can relate in some way then goodness, go you!
This is a celebration of destiny saved...

Destiny Saved
© 2003 Sonic Freedom - Tim Mainka

Now...In my life
I see good things in the light
There's nothing dark to blind my sight
I make my dreams, do things right...Oh

A little boy at the age of two
playing outside, looking up at the blue
The jart struck down into my head
My destiny saved from dying dead...Oh

Now I'm older I can feel the love
I know for sure it's from above
I fight the dark, bearing pain at night
to give good love and peace in light..Oh

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