Guitar lessons in Greater Grand Rapids, MI Michigan and Holland, MI Michigan area
Plus Bass lessons and Drum lessons.

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Who else wants to have fun learning guitar, bass, or drum lessons and attain quick results?

Tim Mainka - Sonic Freedom™
Teaching Music Lessons

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Get proven results from authentic professional instruction.

He is the best instructor around...
I have recommended Tim to a couple of different people
and they all say they are glad they listened to me.
- Brian Headberg





Learn from Tim Mainka's incredible talents.
( Guitar lessons, Bass lessons, Drum lessons in the Greater Grand Rapids and Holland Michigan area )

Dig into the expertise and imagine playing your favorite songs...

Growing up in Les Paul's hometown, Waukesha, WI., with musically active brothers,
Tim enthusiastically developed himself as a songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and percussionist. He holds experiences as performer and composer with many diverse groups: rock bands, jazz combos, jazz big bands, classical guitar, and wind symphonies. Tim graduated from Carroll College Cum Laude (with honors), with a B.A. - Music & Psychology. At Carroll, he co-formed a jazz trio, "Windows", and harnessed the opportunity to learn upright bass in addition to the already confident electric bass.

Once in a life! What does world renown Billy Sheehan have to say?
Hear his music now! Brace yourself for unparalleled positive passion...Sonic Freedom...

"I enjoyed your playing very much...I'm sure your talents will take you far."

- Billy Sheehan
( Mr. Big , David Lee Roth , Niacin , Steve Vai , Talas,
Explorer's Club w/ Trent Gardner, Terry Bozzio, Dream Theater's John Petrucci - James Labrie - Derek Sherinian, Yes's Steve Howe | Greg Howe, Tony McAlpine , Cozy Powell, Glenn Hughes , Greg Bisonette and sonic freedom of many more adventures! )

Students can personally see Billy's letter written to Tim and his autographed guitar.

Also listen to incredible bass playing on the jazz quartet, self-titled Cd, "Top Notch".

Tim Mainka continues to enhance the lives of many.

I always wanted to play guitar and I’m glad to have
a teacher like Tim to show me how
.” - Andrew Hubach

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You too can benefit from Tim's amazing talents, nineteen years of experience
with over twelve years of helping students.

Plus, Tim can custom compose, arrange, and transcribe your favorite music.

Tim Mainka specializes in providing fun learning and proven results
using an original teaching plan, flexible, based on individual needs and goals.

Beginner to Advanced
Creativity / Songwriting
Music Theory
Proven results for ages 5 and up

Turn your desire to learn into fun action today! Secure your time now.
You'll be happy you did!

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Hear why world renown rare Billy Sheehan has said,
"I enjoyed your playing very much...I'm sure your talents will take you far."

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Guitar lessons, Bass lessons, Drum lessons in the Greater Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin and Waukesha, WI Wisconsin area