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Few artists in history have achieved sonic freedom.
Only one artist in history has become
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"You should be well on your way to success soon.
Keep on crankin' out the hits!"
- Zip,

"I enjoyed your playing very much...I'm sure your talents will take you far." - world renown bassist, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big , David Lee Roth , Steve Vai, Niacin, Talas) 

History unfolding...
Historic monumental music in the making...
Freedom unstoppable.

Sonic Freedom pointing musical dreams

"I think that you are so ahead of the pack..." - Buddy,

Lenny Kravitz enjoys sonic freedom writing, performing, recording all instruments.
So does
Tim Mainka - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, plus...

1. Who's been gifted unparalleled musical talents and the freedom to share?

Yes...the one and only... Tim Mainka was born to create music. Nearly dying at age two, he was saved from a tragic accident. Yes, his destiny saved to share such blessings with the human race is here and now.

2. Who gets to create and play the guitar, bass, drum, vocal parts or auxiliary sounds...
In other words who has complete sonic freedom?

Yes! - All music written and performed by Tim Mainka

3. Who gets to create the lyrics?

Complete lyrical freedom...
All lyrics written and performed by Tim Mainka.

4. Who gets to choose which songs are released?

5. Who gets to choose how often music is released?

6. Whose songs are set free, uncompromised and from the heart?

7. Will real true "sonic freedom" stand up...

"...This puts you in a very hard-to-categorize realm." - OEddie,

Yes...Sonic Freedom™ logo
- setting true sonic freedom free -
the next frontier...

"I was looking for inspirational music with a kick @ss sound-man, you rock! You've got it all. I was at a low point in my life and you lifted me up right out of the trenches of despair." - Kyle W.

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Amazing Talent?

Sonic Freedom pointing musical dreams

Secret Release...

"I am deeply moved when I hear your music-- the immense passion, the lyrical beauty and the power of your music, I find so memorable. You have the divine spark, the indescribable quality we sometimes call 'star quality.'
I can foresee a day when the treasure that is your music is no longer a secret. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.' "
- Elaine Perry, MI, USA

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Hear why world renown Billy Sheehan has said,
"I enjoyed your playing very much...
I'm sure your talents will take you far."

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